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Puppies is in Czech republic – Litters A. Photos on the Web. Puppies with PP - Litter A. The last free two females and 2 males with Pedigree (kennel Artecan Bohemia). Purchase agreement, chiped (EU passport), dewormed, vaccinated, rearing in the family circle. Pick up from 24.02.2019 (abroad later) ... . Price by e-mail or telephone, SMS not answered. Possibility of reservation also the planned litters. Address: Jiráskova 166, 33203 Štáhlavy, Czech Republic. Shipping and Handling: Price depends on country of delivery. We do not accept PayPal payments.

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WWW enlace:http://artecan.bohemia.sweb.cz/stenata_CHI.html

Artecan Bohemia
+420 775373710
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+420 733728577

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